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Re: query from Georg Greve of GNU about Debian's opinion of the F DL

 || On Mon, 14 Apr 2003 14:15:25 -0400
 || Peter S Galbraith <psg@debian.org> wrote: 

 psg> So you want us to pretend that the work these Artists do is free
 psg> because writing is so much more artistic than coding?  


 >> And unlike most works of art -- for which aesthetics or
 >> philosophical advancement is the use -- software derives its
 >> usefulness almost exclusively from its function.

 psg> I guess that makes us code writers much lower in the hierarchy.


It is not a question of hierarchy.

Different does not necessarily mean better or worse, it can be
neutral. And in this case I think it is.

Writing good programs is a very unique skill that not everybody
has. It is very important if mankind truly wants to enter the
"information society." So is writing good documents.

The one statement that I made about the relationship of the two is
that the two aren't identical.

Being a friend of differentiated thinking, I think that warrants
giving it some thought as to where and how they differ and what that
means to us.

Unfortunately it seems that because of the history -- of which I was
not a part, by the way -- the issue is still very emotional to most
people on this list. Also it is possible that my skills of explaining
are not up to the task.

In fact I never meant to start this discussion this way and at the
current time.

On the LinuxTag 2003 speaker list there was a Debian person stating
that Debian was officially considering the GFDL to be non-free. As I
had been told this was still more or less in discussion and not yet
the official position, I inquired about it.

From the middle of that discussion someone took one of my statements
and cross-posted it here without first contacting me about it.

So although I would have preferred to not touch upon this topic right
now in this way, I felt I should at least try to explain some of the
background for this.

Unfortunately, I am too busy to do this discussion justice, as
important as it may be. Because right now I need to set up a Free
Software project with the European Commission, for which April 24th is
the deadline.

I am sorry, but getting that finished/to succeed seems to be the most
useful endeavour for me to spend my time on, so please understand that
I won't really take the time to participate in this discussion any


Georg C. F. Greve                                       <greve@gnu.org>
Free Software Foundation Europe	                 (http://fsfeurope.org)
Brave GNU World	                           (http://brave-gnu-world.org)

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