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Re: Revised LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)

Frank Mittelbach writes:

 > for the sake of an argument, what about 
 >  1. You must make your modified package output to the screen a message
 >     that it isn't the original package
 >  2. If the environment where your modified package is intended to be
 >     used provides a documented standard way of emitting such messages
 >     without making any other processing changes, you must use that.
 > i don't think the wording is good, but that aside, would that lift your
 > concern?

as a ps: i already suggested yesterday:

  it it helps one could probably make that even more explicit in 5.a.2 by
  adding something like explicitly restricts it to facilities those only
  functions are to pass information to the user.

/it it/if it/s

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