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Re: Revised LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)

Joe Moore writes:
 > And also, the "any derived work" language might be seen as an attempt to
 > restrict the licensing preferences of derivative works.  For example, if
 > someone would prefer to license their modifications under a strong
 > copyleft license, clause 10 above would seem to suggest that EvilCorp
 > could "steal" the derived work under their own license.

not intended.  I agree with

 > I see the purpose now.  I would question the wording, as it seems to me to
 > have a different effect than intended.
 > Perhaps: s/The Work, or any/A/

making it clearer what is intended, thanks. I'm not sure when the phrase "The
Work or any..." came in, I think it isn't phrased this way in LPPL 1.2. it
should probably simply the above.


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