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Re: pdflib again

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Torsten Werner wrote:

> On Tuesday, 2003-04-01 at 11:43:36 AM (-0500), Branden Robinson wrote:
> >         All other uses not mentioned here require a commercial license.
> > Restrictions on use violate DFSG 5 or 6; this one violates both, arguably,
> > based on what you do and who you are.

> I cannot see the difference to the GPL. The GPL requires that every
> program that is linked against a GPLed library must be licensed as GPL.

Not at all.  The GPL prohibits _distributing_ a GPL program linked against
GPL-incompatible libraries.  Anyone is free to _use_ a GPL program as they
see fit.  I can happily link any GPL software against anything I like, 
though I'm not always allowed to distribute the result.

> PDFlib lite requires that every program that is linked against PDFlib
> lite must be OSS (OSI approved) *or* you must be a private or research
> user. This is *or* but not *and* in my opinion. Don't you agree? What
> exactly makes PDFlib lite non-free?

The use restrictions make it non-free.  
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