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Re: pdflib again

Scripsit Torsten Werner <twerner@debian.org>
> On Tuesday, 2003-04-01 at 11:43:36 AM (-0500), Branden Robinson wrote:

> >         Royalty-free use
> >         All other uses not mentioned here require a commercial license.

> I cannot see the difference to the GPL.

It is a use restrictions. It says that if you want to *use* the
program in a business, you must pay royalties. That is explicitly
non-free by DFSG #6.

> The GPL requires that every program that is linked against a GPLed
> library must be licensed as GPL.

Yes, but that has nothing to do with *use*.

Henning Makholm       "It was intended to compile from some approximation to
                 the M-notation, but the M-notation was never fully defined,
                because representing LISP functions by LISP lists became the
 dominant programming language when the interpreter later became available."

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