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Re: Bug#180798: ITP: multisync -- A program to syncronize PIM data

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

> On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 02:27:34PM -0500, bts@alum.mit.edu wrote:
> > I'm reasonably sure that in Thomas' view, those who cannot be bothered
> > to carefully observe bridges and examine the engineering diagrams
> > beforehand should not be walking on them, and deserve whatever happens
> > if they willy-nilly walk out on an alleged "bridge" only to later
> > discover it is in fact not a bridge, but a squirrel.  Failure to check
> > the attendance and attention patterns of all those involved in
> > designing and implementing the bridge is merely a particular form of
> > the lack of attention which unfortunately pervades our society.
> I didn't have Thomas pegged as such an extreme right-wing libertarian.

Indeed, Thomas has exactly the opposite view.  I don't think the
person walking on the bridge has an obligation to verify its safety.

That obligation pertains to the person who *builds* the bridge, and
I'm all for strict laws under which the government exercises
significant regulatory control over the engineer.

Because the obligation pertains to the *builder* I want an educational
system which keeps idiots *out* of the bridge-building business.  One
way to do that is to make sure that people who are tricked by
false-statements-on-blackboards fail their classes.


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