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(False) License Statements [Re: Bug#180798: ITP: multisync -- A program to syncronize PIM data]

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Henning Makholm wrote:
> In such case it could have potentially troubleful to have real-life
> license statements floating aroung, and probably quoted out of context
> by people who are not careful with relating the full context of the
> quote.

Quotes taken out of context are often dangerous.

> Major legal disasters *might* result if such a dummy were, by
> accident, to be interpreted as the real thing.

If someone failed to do the research behind their software's license,
there's little that can be done to avert a legal disaster.

Google searches are not a replacement for talking with upstream and
confirming the license and or copyright of a project.

> Let's not write dummies for which this is possible.

The idea behind writing this clause was so that the maintainer would
be able to copy it out and send it upstream, verbatim, for approval.

While I agree that one should make the context as clear as possible,
I don't believe obfuscating what is being discussed is necessarily the
proper way to go about ensuring that the context is made clear,
especially if it inhibits the discussion that is ocurring.

[And now, looking at my randomly chosen signature, I wonder if someone
is going to accuse me of being a murderer someday.]

Don Armstrong

Guns Don't Kill People.
*I* Kill People.


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