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Re: Justified in removing copyright notices?

I wrote:

> The Lisp files were copied to create the tarball that same day, 7 April
> 1992. 17 of those files contain this copyright notice:
> ;;; Copyright (c) 1987 John Peterson
> ;;;   Permission is given to freely modify and distribute this code ;;;
>  so long as this copyright notice is retained.
> John Peterson added a README file to the distribution on 8 April 1992.
> In it he exclaims:
>    This code is public domain - I don't care what you do with it.  Just
>    don't bother me!!

Perhaps I should have contacted John Peterson in the first place. I
decided to and received a response within four minutes! Here is John
Peterson's reply so there is a public record of the clarification that
people can search for (I mentioned setting this out publicly):

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   Whoa!  I haven't touched that thing for years and years!  Go nuts.
   Delete copyrights.  Have fun.  Use it in good health.  Good luck!


Many thanks to John Peterson for the clarification and his generosity.


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