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Re: VoIP - patented codecs - question *** New debian repository - debian-no-patents ???

2003-02-02, v keltezéssel Fabian Fagerholm ezt írta:
> On Sat, 2003-02-01 at 16:30, Csillag Kristóf wrote:
> > Maybe some of us could use G.723.1 for free (without breaking the law),
> > after all.
> Perhaps it would be possible to convince MicroTelco to support a free
> codec?
Well...I will try that, but I find it highly inlikely, because there
seems to be a close business relationship between Quicknet (the vendor
of the 160$ card) and MicroTelco (the provider of the net->phone gateway
service). Actually QuickNet seems to own MicroTelco...but I will try,

 * * *

By now I am pretty sure that software patents simply do not exist here
(Hungary). So I see no legal reason that would make it illegal for me to
use G.723.1's free software implemantations - such as the one that used
to be in OpenH323.

I suggest setting up a new debian repository, something like
debian-no-patents, for the territorries not bound by software patents.

Free software packages, that might infringe some software patents in
some contries, but conform the DFSG otherwise, could be uploaded here.

Of course people living under laws like the DMCA could not (legally) use
this repository, but there are plenty of others who could.

What do you think, is this possiple?

Csillag Kristof <csillag@member.fsf.org>

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