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mod_ldap licensing issues

Hi all

I'm cross-posting d-legal & mod_ldap author John Morrissey.
If someone would add something about this issue, please
add John in Cc.


We in Debian need some clarifications about your current license 
for mod_ldap. We need minimally to move proftpd-ldap in non-free
section when 1.2.7 will be uploaded. But this is not a problem of
yours surely :). Your problem is another one: you released under
GPL and added a send-me-a-postcard condition as an additional 
Unfortunately, this (could) appear a violation of GPL licensing. 
My own suggestion is adopting an ad-hoc GPL-like modified 
license which contains also the postcard req. Or eventually
drop that requirement.

You could follow and contribute to the current discussion about this 
issue on debian-legal:


Francesco P. Lovergine

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