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the Free Media License

The current copyright holders of "The Ur-Quan Masters" (AKA Star Control II)
have proposed another license for the game data (the code is already GPLed).
I'd like to get this list's opinions of the License, as related to the DFSG
and in general.  I'll pass along whatever consensus is reached to the
upstream developers (with a link to the list archives).

The proposed license is the Free Media License (FML):

The FML is inspired by the GPL and especially the GFDL, but is intended
to apply to works in all forms of media.  It also specifically addresses
the making of derivative works of a different media type (such as a movie
derived from a script).

I know that the GFDL is rather controversial WRT the DFSG, and the current
consensus is that it is DFSG free when it has no cover texts nor any
invariant sections.  Other cases are (for now) non-free, or at best, free
on a case by case basis.

The FML has some almost identical clauses regarding cover texts, but
no generic invariant sections.  Some specific sections are mentioned,
though, which require special treatment.  For example, the Credits section
(intended mostly for movies?) and the History section (for all types of
media?) must be maintained in a specified manner.  The History section
in particular does not apear to be optional. 

To sumarize what I'd like to present to the upstream, here are some

* Is FML is DFSG free in the general case?
 * If not, can it be used in a DFSG free way (like the GFDL)?
  * If so, how (no cover texts probably, but anything else)?
* Does the FML have any DFSG free, but obnoxious clauses
   (e.g. the original BSD advertizing clause)?
* Could there be problems applying the license to an existing work
   (previously under a propriatary license) for which some documentation
   (credits perhaps?) are unavailable?

Thanks in advance for your time analyzing this license!  This list is
yet another reason why Debian (and the Debian community) kick ass. :-)

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