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Re: Two large groups of non-free fonts in main.

On Mon, 2002-12-23 at 20:36, Terry Hancock wrote:

> Do you mean by this that the US Copyright office does not recognize bitmap 
> fonts as "copyrightable work"?  (If so, this would be good to know).

The copyright office does not recognize fonts, period, as a
copyrightable work.

However, it does recognize copyright on computer programs; it can be
claimed that some font formats are creative works as computer programs
(see, e.g., Adobe Systems Inc. v. Southern Software Inc.), but bitmaps
are certainly not.

(Google searches on "font copyright" and "Eltra Corp v. Ringer" turn up
plenty of info, as well as the ravings of people mad and happy about it)

BTW: What are <http://coder.com/creations/banner/adobe-copyright.html> 
and <http://coder.com/creations/banner/ibm-copyright.html>

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