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Re: Bug#173601: ITP: jpgraph -- OO Graph Library for PHP

On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 12:36, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 02:46:21PM -0500, Luis Bustamante wrote:
> >   JpGraph is an OO class library for PHP 4.1 (or higher). JpGraph
> > makes it easy to draw both "quick and dirty" graphs with a minimum of
> > code and complex professional graphs which requires a very fine grain
> > control. JpGraph is equally well suited for both scientific and
> > business type of graphs.
> > [cc to debian-legal@lists.debian.org]
> >   I want to package this software because the latest version of
> > acidlab (which hasn't been uploaded yet[1]) requires it instead of
> > phplot like previous version for graphing alert data of an
> > IDS/Firewall. Anyway I'm not sure if we can include it in Debian as it
> > uses QPL 1.0 and the author says in his page:
> >  "JpGraph is released under a dual license.  QPL 1.0 (Qt Free
> >   Licensee) For non-commercial, open-source and educational use and
> >   JpGraph Professional License[2] for commercial use."
> >   Can we include it in non-free despite the restriction it holds for
> > commercial use? (if so acidlab should be in contrib then)
> > References:
> > 1. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=155212
> > 2. http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/jpgprolicense.pdf
> If the QPL permits redistribution (I haven't read that license in a
> while), it should be ok for non-free.
> If acidlab upstream uses JpGraph, then of course you have little choice;
> but you might be interested to point them towards Vagrant
> <http://vagrant.sourceforge.net/>, an imlib-based PHP graphing class
> available under the GPL that gives very impressive-looking results.
> Cheers,

Waitaminnit.  Maybe I'm missing something here, but isn't the QPL a Free
Software license?  I didn't do that much of a careful search, but I
googled for "QPL DFSG" and found a bunch of hits that make it look like
the QPL is considered Free.  If so, then why shouldn't jpgraph go into
main?  The "commercial" clause is no more obnoxious than a
GPL/talk-to-me dual license, as it applies only in the case of
closed-source use.

What am I missing?
Stephen Ryan                                        Debian Linux 3.0
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