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no license

hi everybody

i'd like to pack a new software (ImageJ) that has no license but the
author define it:
 * ImageJ is open-source. You are free to do anything you want
 * with this source as long as I get credit for my work and you
 * offer your changes to me so I can possibly add them to the
 * "official" version.
 * @author Wayne Rasband (wayne@codon.nih.gov)

the program is a java .jar, you acn download documentatio and source
code, is there some problem with debian ? the next problem will java
(Sun) and their license but this is another problem :(

best regards

Paolo Ariano                                  
Neuroscience PhD Student                      
DBAU & INFM Turin (Italy)                     

Meglio un professore povero che un asino ricco -- Meo  

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