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Re: Bug#172181: lzw code missing (no patent?)

severity 172181 wishlist

Hi Drew,

[ Cc:'ing debian-legal... ]

Drew Scott Daniels wrote:
> There may not be reason to exclude the lzw and related code as the LZW
> patent is "running out".
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2002/debian-legal-200211/msg00160.html

Yes. It seems to be running out this month in the US.

But is remains valid in .de till 2004 (or 2003 if Unisys did not pay
the last fee)

> I am unsure as to how this bug should properly be addressed, but I do feel
> that if lzw is disabled, it is a bug. I feel that this bug satisfies the
> requirements of "normal" as it affects the normal use of openoffice.org in
> relation to .gif files.

It isn't. We do not want to get into legal problems (at least in .de
There currently is the threat to legalize software patents even in the
EU (LZW was patented in EU anyway although this isn't law here yet)

> I hope someone will now respond to my message on debian-legal. My lzw
> message was even mentioned in the DWN.


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