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Hardware license (status)

> We've been putting together some robot-related software and hardware. We
> want to release this with a DFSG-compliant license set. For the
> software, GPL, no problems. For the hardware we propose to include .pcb
> files for pcb, .sch files for gschem, and .asm files for the PIC
> firmware. What licenses are appropriate for hardware releases?

After interesting discussion on and off debian-legal, I'm now down to a
choice of one hardware license for everything except the firmware which
will be GPL'd. The hardware license is probably the OHGPL
<http://www.opencores.org/OIPC/OHGPL.html> with clause 2 modified to
	You may copy, modify, distribute, and/or ...

The outstanding problem (AFAICT) is the suggestion that hardware under
the OHGPL might not be compatible with GPL-d hardware or software.

I've cc'd this to the opencores people in case they have any thoughts;
otherwise, does anyone *disagree* that this is DFGS-compliant?

cheers, Rich.

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