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Re: [aspell-devel] Problems with aspell-en license

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, Kevin Atkinson wrote:

> Here is the README as found in the dec wordlist.  It lists all the word
> list used.  Since SCOWL is a compilation of several word lists, one of
> them which in DEC which is also a compilation of several word lists.  I
> really do not think there is a problem.  Furthermore the copyright of word
> lists is questionable in and of itself.  Also, many word lists is SCOWL
> are taken from listing the words in well known copyrighted dictionaries.  
> So a case could be made that many of the other word lists SCOWL uses are 
> also of questionable copyright and should be removed which will lead me 
> with nothing.

The point is that if I did not list my sources it will be virtually 
imposable for some one to prove in court that I violated a copyright of 
one of the word lists used in the DEC word list.  Thus even if I did 
violate a copyright it will virtually be unenforceable due to the very 
indirect nature which I used the word lists.


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