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Re: Yet another JDK1.1 llicence question

I assume this is the part from which you expect distributability:

> Blackdown Java-Linux Team Supplemental Terms
> The Blackdown Java Linux team ("Blackdown"), as a Sun JDK 1.1 source
> code licencess, asserts it's right to amend the terms of the Binary
> Code License Agreement (collectively the "Agreement") as follows:
> 1.  Licence to Distribute.  You are granted a royalty-free right to
> reproduce and distribute the Software provided that you: (i) do not
> use the Software on any systems that also distributes the Software;
> (ii) distribute the software in electronic form only; (iii) protect
> Sun's rights by requiring any reciepient of the Software to read and
> accept the Agreement prior to installation of the Software; (iv) do
> not remove or alter the Agreement, any proprietary legends or notices
> contained in the Software; (v) only distribute the Software subject to
> this Agreement.

First, I find this a curious phrasing.  "asserts it's right"?  On what
basis?  Should we take this assertion at face value?  If this is a
right that Sun granted, it would be nice to say so explicitly.
They say they have this right "as a Sun JDK 1.1 source code licencess".
Are the terms of this source code license public?

Second, does the packaging implement clause (iii)?

Third, does this license amendment affect only clause 1?  It does not
say the new terms are the entire agreement.  Which clauses would we
still be bound by, exactly?  I see several terms in the other licenses
that would be unacceptable.

Richard Braakman

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