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Re: Fwd: GNU VCG

| > Well, in the short term, I do plan to have Bison produce more graphs.
| > For instance, Bison could, in addition to YYDEBUG, support some form
| > of YYVCG_PARSE_TREE which outputs the parse tree.  I don't plan to
| > have Bison parser equipped with means to call vcg!!!
| Sure, I have created a bison.xml that replaces bison.simple for dumping
| the parse tree and stack to xml. 

Nope, you don't want to do that for the same reason as there is no
bison.simple.noyydebug and bison.simple.yydebug: combinatoric

| But in the long term I do plan on linking bison in.
| Bison, bash, m4, gcc, all types of tools.

This is very interesting.  In particular, we are looking for libm4.

|  I plan on creating a libintrospector that allows you to link in all
| types of gnu tools for data visualization. 
| Of course it wont happen over night, and untill then xml will help in
| the storage, it is easier to parse and easy to generate.


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