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Re: BSD license, core libraries, and NetBSD

Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> writes:

> Do we know for a fact that:
> a) the FSF is aware that the NetBSD folks ships gcc with their operating
>    system,
> b) the FSF is aware that the NetBSD code that gcc links against is still
>    old-style BSD,
> c) the FSF has *explicitly stated* that NetBSD can legally ship gcc with
>    their OS under these circumstances

I know (a) for a fact, and I know that it was perfectly well aware of
(b) as well, at least before BSD announced its change.

The FSF's position is that the noxious advertising clause is not
enforceable in the United States, and so, in the US at least, is not
in conflict with the GPL.

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