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Re: Courier package: GPL vs OpenSSL license

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 07:58:46PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 01:41:22AM +0200, Stefan Hornburg wrote:
> > I asked the upstream author and he told me that he has certainly no
> > problem with linking Courier against OpenSSL. He won't make the
> > mentioned exemption, because he thinks it is simply not necessary. 
> > Can you please tell me if it'll cause problem to integrate the SSL
> > parts into the Courier packages ? 
> It will cause problems.  The short explanation is that Debian does not
> believe it can take advantage of the GPL "operating system" exemption
> in connection with software that we are making *part* of our operating
> system.  If you need further explanation, I would advise you to consult
> the archive for this mailing list; the discussions of OpenSSL here are
> lengthy, and not at all hard to find. :)

What Steve said.

I don't understand how the author of Courier can both:

1) have no problem with people linking his software against OpenSSL;
2) be unwilling to explicitly state a license exception.

A clear communication of the former logically implies the latter.

I recommend not linking Courier against OpenSSL until this is clarfied.

Does GNU TLS's OpenSSL compatiblity layer provide sufficient
functionality for Courier to work with it?  (apt-get install libgnutls5-dev)

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