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Re: Re: license questions.

> > > This is really the problem, isn't it? Not to be mean or anything, but
> > > I actually think you'll be better off simply going traditional. Don't
> > > opensource at all. 
> > well i don't have any problems releasing the sourcecode.
> That shows that you have not understood "Open Source". Open source is
> not just about releasing source code. It's also about allowing forks.
> If you don't allow forks, you're not open-source. That's a matter of
> definition. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

The "problem" that Ali seems to be facing is not, I think, that he is not aware
of what is considered Open Source/Free Software. 

He just wants to not have to deal with the facets of it that may feel less than fine.

One common misconception, I think, is that free software and the people
in that world, are considered "nicer" by some standard. 

That is; we're not just supposed to play by the rules, we are supposed to play
extremely fair.

Am I making sense?

Ali seems to remember a time were this was actually the case, and feels that it
is no longer so. I don't know if this is correct, but it really does not matter.

Free software is by no means a nice world where we're all pals and so on. It may 
be a very cruel world where forks take your pride away from you. That may feel

But it's a world that produces the best software known to man. I love to be a part 
of that and frankly Ali, I suggest you consider that too.

/Fredrik Persson

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