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Re: Bug#143063 acknowledged by developer (Bug#143063: fixed in mmix 1:0.0.20020615-3)

Scripsit Julian Gilbey <jdg@debian.org>

> Furthermore, mmix agrees with (at least one reading of) point four
> both in letter and spirit: the source cannot be distributed in a
> modified form without changing filenames, but change (patch) files are
> permitted; in fact, a mechanism for using them is even provided!

The point is whether it is permitted to distribute binaries built from
such modified sources. I didn't see such a permission in the copyright
notice that was posted here. Without it, we have to assume that it's
not permitted.

(I agree that the point about the filename change is moot in this
context, but I'm not inclined to reopen that flamewar. Did it reach a
consensus last time? I gave up reading it fairly quickly).

Henning Makholm       "It was intended to compile from some approximation to
                 the M-notation, but the M-notation was never fully defined,
                because representing LISP functions by LISP lists became the
 dominant programming language when the interpreter later became available."

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