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Re: comments on String::LRC license


On Mon, Aug 26, 2002 at 01:07:21PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > License to use this module/library and make use of in derivative works is 
> > Ais granted to all, freely, provided that this module is identified as 
> > "derived from R Padron" and notice of other contributors be provided in 
> > any material referencing or mentioning this module.  The author makes no 
> > representations of possessing full or partial copyright to the LRC code 
> > nor the algorythyms used in this module, as said is either public 
> > knowledge or inspired by multiple sources.
> > 
> There is no permission to modify granted here.  The license thus fails
> DFSG 3 if the code is not in the public domain, which is unclear.

Doesn't the marked statement cover (by the definition of derived
work) the right to modify (thus creating a derivative work),
distribute binaries (thus creating a derivative work) etc.?

The notice requirement is a bit broad though, I think.  It
appears the author just wanted to ensure that the
acknowledgement was included in all sorts of derived works,
including linked combinations.

The GPL also extends requirements to code linked to GPL
libraries, which may be a precedent.  The GPL only extends to
code linked to GPL-ed code in a binary, while this also extends
to documents linking (in a broad sense) to the code.  

OTOH the requirement here is less onerous than the GPL: The GPL
requires a specific license on the linked code, the Padron
license only requires you to include a (lengthy) statement but
allows any license on the linked code and documents.

This message is hastily written, please ignore any unpleasant wordings,
do not consider it a binding commitment, even if its phrasing may
indicate so. Its contents may be deliberately or accidentally untrue.
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