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Re: Bad license on VCG?

On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 07:05:41PM -0500, starner@okstate.edu wrote:

> Can a company release a binary - or the disassembled source to one - under the GPL? Does that make it DFSG-free? By your argument it would. 

They could certainly release the disassembled source under the GPL. Whether
or not it would be a useful thing to do is another question.

> If this were just a minor screwing with the code, then I would accept the cleanup offered by the maintainer. But serious code obfusication can make the code worthless for editing, to the point where the dissassembled assembly could actually be easier to read. (Quick: if OOOO00OO0 = 00001, and OOO000OO0 = 00010, what's OOO00OO0 + OOO000OO0 + 000?) It's just not source at that point. 

Well, the point is that what we have in this case *is* source, and we *can*
distribute it.

So rather than arguing about that, we should be asking whether we *wish*
to distribute it. And that discussion probably doesn't belong on this
particular list any more.



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