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Re: apsfilter license

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 17:58, Ville Muikkula wrote:
>   The apsfilter license is a combination of the GNU GPL and postcardware:
> "You are permitted to use the apsfilter package in the terms of the GNU
> General Public License. If you use apsfilter for business or home
> purposes, then please send me a postcard. This product is otherwise free
> of charge."
>   Is this allowed? apsfilterconfig terminates if the user does not accept
> the license. I am under the impression that the GNU GPL does not permit
> these kind of additions, that is, requiring physical goods to be sent to
> the software author(s).
>   If someone uses code from apsfilter in GPL'd programs, would the users
> of said programs have to send postcards to Andreas Klemm?

I would say that "please" is a request, rather than a condition of the

Does apsfilterconfig link against any other GPL'd programs?  Have you
asked the author if s/he thinks this is a request or a requirement?

-Dave Turner
GPL Compliance Engineer

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