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Re: aspell-nl license

As far as aspell-nl is concerned, we just have to assume that the word
list might be covered by copyright in at least some countries, so we
need a proper licence for it.

However, since a general discussion of word list copyright seems to
have ensued, what I don't understand is what happens if you make a
dictionary or database and in it mark the words that appeared in
somebody else's word list. On the one hand, you are merely recording a
load of facts in your own database (word W appeared in word list L,
etc). On the other hand, anyone can generate the word list from the
dictionary/database, so you are in effect replicating the word list.
So, is it a copyright violation?

In practice, you could probably take the union of several non-free
word lists, intersect that with the union of some non-free text
corpora, then randomly delete a few words from the result and maybe
add a few words if you can think of any to add, and declare the final
list to be the result of your own original research. Who can sue you?


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