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Re: is mixmaster dfsg-compliant ?

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Eric Van Buggenhaut wrote:

> I was looking at the code of mixmaster, an anonymous remailer
> client/server application. It allows protection against traffic
> analysis and allows sending email anonymously or pseudonymously.
> http://mixmaster.sourceforge.net
> I'm wondering if the licence is DFSG-compliant ? Could any lawyer here
> give an advice ?

As you know I have filed an ITP for mixmaster. And we already had this
discussion about two years ago.

- License

The current license of 2.9* is _not_ DFSG free. The problem is - as has
been mentionded - 1.b.iii. Len Sassaman and I are working with the
copyright holder to fix this. We have suggested to change 1.b.iii so
that if Anonymizer Inc. does not exist any more the 1.b.iii is void.
Lance Cotreel of Anonymizer Inc. is not against such a change - his
lawyers currently review a changed license.


Mixmaster is a type-I and type-II remailer. Type-I basically is some PGP
voodoo and Type-II a full fledged protocol of its own.

Type I may make use of IDEA, type II doesn't need it at all.

I've chosen to build mixmaster without IDEA, for the very simple reasons
that (1) our openssl doesn't have it and (2) it is non-free. 

This means in type I remailing we should not offer a RSA OpenPGP code,
only a DSA key. No limitation is put on Type-II remailing.

The current preliminary packages on non-us.debian.org/~weasel/archive
are clearly marked as non-free. I will upload them to the archive once
the license issues are resolved.

I hope all questions are answered.

Quoting someone from #remops:
<DyBBuK> rabbi: Let's not bring up IDEA... you know how it makes weasel foam at the mouth.
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