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rsaeuro license change?

I'd like to package RSAEURO 1.04i for inclusion in Debian GNU/Linux, but
there are provisions in the license grant which are incompatible with the
Debian Free Software Guidelines. See
<http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines>.  Unless a few small
changes are made to the license, I won't be able to package the software. It
would be appreciated if you could review the license and let me know if an
accomidation can be made. 

Offhand, I can see two incomatibilities in the license. The first is in Item
1, (iii), which reads in part "...provided that you provide J.S.A.Kapp with
a copy of any such modification or Application Program by electronic
mail..." If J.S.A.Kapp ceases to exist as an entity or stops accepting
email, then newly modified versions of rsaeuro become undistributable. Also,
if the changes are frequent or substantial or the mail message must travel
over a very slow or expensive connection, the requirement may represent an
undue burden on the person making modifications. Such a license term is
incompatible with our first Free Software guideline, which requires that
free distribution be permitted.

The second problem is in Item 2, (ii,iii, and v), which restricts those who
may wish to use the software for profit. These restrictions render the
license incompatible with Free Software guideline 6, which prohibits
discrimination against fields of endeavor.

Hope to hear from you soon regarding this matter.


Brian Ristuccia

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