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Re: TeX Licenses & teTeX (Was: Re: forwarded message from Jeff Licquia)

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 02:01:58PM -0400, Boris Veytsman wrote:
> > 
> > Unless Professor Knuth applies for trademark protection in the names
> > "TeX", "METAFONT", and "Computer Modern", the only tool (as far as I
> > know) he has at his disposal to *legally* enforce his wishes is
> > copyright law.
> > 
> I am afraid you did not do your homework in this case. The names TeX,
> METAFONT and Computer Modern ARE trademarked. Knuth transferred the
> trademarks of TeX and CM to the American Mathematical Society, and the
> trademark of METAFONT to Addison Wesley Publishing Co.

Did he also trademark the filenames in question? If not, he has no
legal recourse to prevent people from using them as they see fit
(barring application of copyright law, which requires he own the

Since it is almost certainly not possible to trademark a filename
anyway, the solution seems fairly clear. We find a free font to
replace this one with, and we drop it in place as cmr10.mf, excising
the old computer modern font to the non-free archive. Suggestions for
a suitable replacement are welcome.

Neither attempting to convince non-developers who are not the
copyright holders that there is a problem, nor arguing about the
semantics of words in licenses, are useful ways to spend time. When
semantics are unclear, a court could go either way. Since Debian is
not likely to take the case to court and find out one way or the
other, we must take the pessimistic viewpoint:

All software is non-free unless conclusively and decisively proven

It is clear that these fonts have not been conclusively and decisively
proven to be DFSG-free.

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