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Using kaffe(GPL2) with other DFSG-compat licenses


I tried to google the aswer to my question, but it didn't work.
So I'd like to ask you here.

Q: "Kaffe is free implementation of Java Virtual Machine and ClassLib
which are both available under the terms of GPL2 license. How does
this affect possibility of using kaffe as development and runtime
platform for other non-GPL licensed programs and libs?"

Especially I think about Apache-type  licenses, like that one

from ANT 
(or click on "1.1" at
to see it)

from cocoon (looks similar to above one - I think)

What are the objections?
What are possible problems?
Where are the borders of usage of kaffe?

For example, what if we had JVM from kaffe (GPLed) but used it with
gnu classlib (GPL+linking exception clause)? Does it change anything?

I and I think most of us, cc:ed know how GPL works for non-Java stuff.
Does Java way of working differ the situation somehow?

For now Kaffe technically _may_ be the key to get _A LOT_ of Java stuff
from contrib to main. That's why clearing this out is so important.
Please elaborate.


					Grzegorz B. Prokopski

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