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Re: TeX Licenses & teTeX (Was: Re: forwarded message from Jeff Licquia)

Branden Robinson writes:
 > On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 10:54:37AM +0200, Frank Mittelbach wrote:
 > > However I think it would be a poor solution to argue legally that you
 > > are able to ignore Don's explicit wishes simply because he is a
 > > Computer Scientist rather than a lawyer and was unable to write it up
 > > in legal lingua without potential loopholes
 > Please don't troll.  No one is arguing that the author's explicit

I don't troll

 > requests can be evaded on a technicality.  Copyright law in Berne
 > Convention countries sees to it that we cannot.  Where there is doubt,
 > "all rights reserved" is generally the controlling status.
 > It is disappointing that you conceive of the Debian Project as
 > attempting to parse and lawyer its way into taking advantage of a
 > licensor when we've spent the past few weeks demonstrating just how
 > unambiguous we require a license to be before we regard it as
 > DFSG-compliant.  We are not in the habit of putting words into the
 > mouths of copyright holders; where there is doubt or confusion, we
 > make conservative assumptions about the author's intent until and unless
 > that intent can be clarified, and in the meantime we assume that a
 > license is not DFSG-compliant.

I don't conceive anything of the Debian Project as a whole. I raised my
concern about some people arguing in this direction (it happens more than once
in the various threads). 

 > Your presumption is not warranted by any evidence.

it unfortunately is.

 > I'm a difficult
 > person to offend, but you've managed to do it with this careless and
 > spiteful characterization of the Debian Project.

sorry if you are offended. Again I haven't make any characterization of the
Debian Project (spiteful or otherwise) I expressed my concern that arguing
only legally would be a poor path (something which you seem to second, and
what you think doesn't happen).

It did however happen, several times by individuals and that was all I was
referring to. Perhaps you missed those posts which wouldn't be surprising
given the number of posts on the whole subject. For example


Where Thomas said:

> What Don Knuth says is really quite irrelevant.  If he's given
> permission to use the name (which tripman sure looks like), then it's
> that permission that matters, even if he later regrets his
> carelessness.

This type of argument chain showed up several times during the discussions and
I wanted to express my feeling that it would not be a good position to put up.
I had no intention to imply that this is my understanding of the general
policy of the Debian Project and I don't really think that I did. 

So please check also with ourself if  "troll", "careless", "spiteful" are the
right words in the circumstances.


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