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Bug#154398: Whisker 2.0 is out

On Fri, Jul 26, 2002 at 09:46:14PM +0200, Thomas Seyrat wrote:
> On July 26, 15:02 (-0400), Simon Law wrote:
> >     Yes.  I have noticed that just now.  It appears that Whisker and
> > its libraries are free, but its tests are non-free.
>   Mmh, yes, this is weird. Maybe rfp had to leave the main code GPL
>   simply because it derives from the one used in Whisker 1.4, but
>   rewrote the test engine and the test themselves, which would allow him
>   to make them non-free ... That is strange.
> > This "data" is odd,
> > and seems to be in the form of code; so I suppose the best way to get
> > around it would be to reimplement main.test as GPLed code.
>   Doooh. This one's gonna tough.
> > 	If you want someone to send you a Chinese Wall implementation of
> > main.test, I think I can help you out.
>   Thanks for that, but I want to make sure that this licensing is not
>   just temporarily applied to Whisker 2.0, so I think I'm going to wait
>   for Whisker 2.1, and contact rfp then if situation has not changed.

	More bad news on the licensing front.  libwhisker-1.4 is GPLed
but it links to OpenSSL.  *sigh*  Looks like I'm going to have to join
the Whisker mailing lists and talk to him about all the legal issues he 


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