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Re: User's thoughts about LPPL

> Um, no.  The real objection is: it's not DFSG free.

Last time I asked for an objective list of places where people thought
LPPL didn't meet the DFSG, someone posted such a list and Frank I think
addressed all the raised points in his last draft, didn't he?

> The other comments are attempts to convince you to switch, by pointing
> out that the requirement doesn't actually achieve your goals, and that
> there is a better way to achieve them.

But the only alternative I've seen offered is registering the name
"latex" which might help for latex itself but isn't really a viable
alternative for all the other LPPL'd packages, many of which are small
(some very small) contributions that people have given in their spare
time, it's not reasonable to ask people to register those names.


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