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Re: LaTeX & DFSG

> OK, here's what I was thinking.
> Let's imagine something like LaTeX licensed under something like the
> LPPL, and let's also assume that I'm going to hack it.
> So, I edit "article.sty".  OK, no problem; just rename it to
> "article-hacked.sty".
> Oops, now things aren't working right.  "book.sty" references
> "article.sty", and it's pulling in the old one.  That's not right, so I
> edit "book.sty" to reference "article-hacked.sty".  Since this is a
> change, I also need to change "book.sty" to "book-hacked.sty".
> Shucks.  There's a reference to "book.sty" in "brochure.sty".  Change
> the reference to "brochure.sty", rename to "brochure-hacked.sty",
> continue.
> Darnit, "latex.cnf" refers to "brochure.sty"!  Edit "latex.cnf"...

Let's suppose now that you may modify files without changing
filenames. I edit article.sty, but it so happens that there are
some packages (which I'm not aware of) which rely in the
exact behaviour of article.sty and I don't want to break them.
So, I have to search by contents the whole latex directory. I
find 2 or 3 packages doing that and I must repeat the process...
In other words, the problem is still present, but without the
advantages of requiring new file names.


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