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Re: Question(s) for clarifications with respect to the LPPL discussion

On Sat, 2002-07-20 at 15:16, Henning Makholm wrote:
> Scripsit Lars Hellström  <Lars.Hellstrom@math.umu.se>
> > The discussion between Jeff and me turned up another main concern,
> > regarding the distribution of modified works. In his opinion (which I now
> > suspect holds for at least those jurisdictions where copyright is something
> > which just arises rather than has to be claimed) it could be a problem that
> > the LPPL does not say anything about the copyrights of the authors of the
> > original (LPPLed work) to a modified derivative thereof. It appears that
> > they in principle could later demand that an arbitrarily restrictive
> > license should be applied for the derivative work.
> I don't think this is an actual problem. We have many licences that
> say "you may modify and distribute your modifications if you do
> so-and-so", and we've always interpreted that as meaning "and I
> promise that as long as you do so-and-so I will give my permission
> to the distibution of the derived work without any further
> requirements".

Right.  The question is "what modification rights do you have?"  There's
good reason to believe that the "must change the file name" clause must
apply to derived works as well, so each time a file changes, its name
must change.

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