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Re: what is allowed with TeX and CM fonts (was Re: User's thoughts about LPPL)

Scripsit Frank Mittelbach <frank.mittelbach@latex-project.org>

> probably none (definitely not for the 72 individual font names. Nevertheless
> Debian wouldn't get a good press if it would generate modified versions of
> such programs and fonts and distributed them under the original names.

Please avoid the fallacy of assuming that every right required by the
DFSG is something that some in the Debian project itself intends to
actually do. The requirements are there much more to make sure our
users have them than to make sure *we* have them.

[This being said without implying anything about the freedom or lack
thereof of the Computer Modern fonts].

Henning Makholm  "Det er jo svært at vide noget når man ikke ved det, ikke?"

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