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Pledge of Allegiance. Please forward

Title: Target E-mailing & Creative Services
Targeted OPT-IN E-Mail Services
Orlando, FL - Atlanta, GA

Looking for cost effective emailing?
Are you having difficulties with your emailiing?

407-539-0615 - 404-806-6124
Take us for a test drive!
 Targeted Opt-In Mailings
& Campaign Hosting

Tailored for your individual needs. Highly targeted E-mail "Opt-In" and Postal Mail campaigns.

Included in every campaign at no extra cost:

Design of your broadcast message including Graphics,

Conversion to HTML and Hosting.

Opt-In List Generation/Management: We can help you generate your own opt-in lists or manage your current lists for a fraction of what you would pay a broker.
100% List "OWNERSHIP" !

Web Site Design: Let us design your private marketing site.

News Letter Promotions: Promote your company through monthly newsletters.


Targeted Messages Delivered Base Price

500,000 Messages $1,750
1 Million Messages $3,399
2 Million Messages $4,499
3 Million Messages $7,799
5 Million Messages $12,299
10 Million Messages $16,899

"Companies who outsource their e-mail marketing operations actually have a better conversion rate (6%) than companies that do not (1.4%)."

Fresh Email Addresses

The key to a good return on your email campaign is NEW addresses. Our automated servers harvest new addresses around the clock. We offer lists as a direct purchase or as a monthly service.

250,000 e-mails $100.00
500,000 e-mails $125.00
1,000,000 e-mails $200.00
5,000,000 e-mails $400.00

Monthly Service 150.00*
4,000,000 e-mails/month
'E-Mail-IT' Cloaking Software Updates
FTP Access
URL Cloaking Software

*Three months required, lists and software download from our FTP server.

Email-IT CSC Proxy Service

Send your e-mails directly through our servers.

Our in house 'Email-IT' True Stealth System is based on Unix know-how sending technology, providing real anonymous instant delivery.

Forget problems with ISP 's your IP address will never be shown in our e-mail headers.

You send directly into OUR servers which then send your mail out to the world, FAST!

Use your CABLE or DSL connection for mind blowing SPEEDS!

'Email-IT' Pricing is based on number of e-mails you can send monthly. You only pay for what you send successfully!

Priced from $400

 Safe Bulk Email Software

Don't worry about losing your ISP again. Our NEW software system goes beyond open relays and desktop servers. This is NEW and it is the ONLY software of it's kind.

'EMail-IT' Home & Office Kit Includes:
Stealth System Software
Bulk Mailer
List Manager
Email Extractor
Daisy Chain Connector
WWW URL Cloaking Device
1 User License and Key

2 Instructional Cd's
'EMail-IT' Owners Manual
1 Full hour walk through
of your installation and set up!

Also includes:
Complete How To Files &
Telephone Support*

Price: $475
Fedex shipping included!

Order now and we will start you off with 100,000
fresh email addresses.

*Telephone Support Free for first 30 days only.

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