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Re: forwarded message from Jeff Licquia

>> The default installation of teTeX makes it extremly difficult (if
>> not impossible) to open any security holes. If you are really
>> concerned about security in TeX, you could and should enhance the
>> web2c TeX distribution, not LaTeX.
> Lots of people have made claims that their software is impregnable, and
> cannot be exploited.  Lots of people have been wrong.
> Several people in this thread have already quoted several possibilities
> where LaTeX

Stop! Please, read again and slooowly :-) what Martin said (not the
first sentence, but the second one):

>>you could and should enhance the
>>web2c TeX distribution, not LaTeX.

Let's put it in other words. TeX leaves to the distribution
the decision about how files are read/written. tetex
decides how files are read/written and it's under GPL. Thus, you
can change it if you want. Nothing to do with LaTeX ot LPPL.
After that, explaining the problem of holes in our dangerous
time can be interesting but it's certainly irrelevant.


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