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AW: Licesing question regarding a new package named isdn2h323

> > We do not *redistribute* isdn2h323 but we *distribute* it. This
> > paragraph is only interesting for programs like isdngw, which are
> > modified versions of isdn2h323.
> Debian redistributes it.  We're not saying that you are doing anything
> illegal.  We're saying that Debian hasn't gotten permission from you
> to redistribute isdn2h323. 

I do not think that this is true.

> That is because you've given Debian a
> license that it can't comply with.


> Specifically, the additional notices are additional restrictions that
> you've added to the license. 

Additional restrictions? We simply clarify how to read GPL's paragraph
about copyright notices.

> However, the GPL says that you can't add
> any more restrictions.

Sorry to say that, but this is nonsense. The GPL is only a *text*
document and not a person/company. 

> If you just said that the code is offered under the GPL, then there
> would be no problem.  If you said that it was under the GPL, but
> without clause 6 and with the additional notices, then it might not be
> a problem.  But you've put Debian into a bind because it can't obey
> clause 6 and the additional notices at the same time.

I do not think that this correct.

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