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Re: endorsements disclaimer as part of the warranty statement

On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 02:08:56PM -0400, Jeremy Hankins wrote:
> I had a hypothetical all ready that would show how someone could use
> the sort of tunneling you were talking about to tie malicious code
> (e.g., spyware, or copy-right checking code) to something else and
> claim the result was GPL, despite being unable to prune the nasty
> stuff out....  But I guess that's superfluous now.  ;)

I still think you'd be wrong.  *As long as* you're combining the
non-GPLed work with a GPLed work, you either:

1) can remove any part of the non-GPLed work you want except for its
legal texts (copyright notices, licese texts, warranty statements)
2) can remove all of the non-GPLed work, including the legal texts since
they don't apply if none of the work is present
3) cannot distribute the work at all

So I don't think you can tunnel spyware-crippled code into a GPLed app
and tell people they can't remove it.  What you wouldn't be able to do
under your scenario is remove the spyware from the non-GPLed work
containing it when it's NOT combined with a GPLed work.

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