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Re: Implied exceptions to GPL?

Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org> wrote:
> Walter Landry <wlandry@ucsd.edu> writes:
> > Actually, many (most?) of the elisp packages that Debian distributes
> > are in source code format.  It is only when distributing binaries that
> > you have to worry about GPL-compatibility.
> Even though it's intended for use linked to emacs?  (Though I guess
> there's Xemacs as well -- I assume many/most elisp files can be used
> with both?)  It seems, at the least, unclear whether the elisp files
> are derived from emacs.

It is always ok to distribute a code (call it A) that doesn't include
anyone else's code, as long as the license for A permits it.  However,
now I'm going to agree with you, because Debian should be able to
distribute binaries as well (DFSG #2).  Those binaries will have parts
of Emacs inside it.  So the license for the various elisp files need
to be compatible with the GPL.

Walter Landry

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