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New CUPS license violates DFSG 6?

CUPS now appears to include the following exception to the GPL. Besides how ambiguous this is, does it discriminate against fields of endeavor, e.g., producing non-Mac software, in violation of DFSG 6?

If it does, it'd be a really weird case ;-)


In addition, as the copyright holder of CUPS, Easy Software Products
grants the following special exception:

    Software that is developed by any person or entity for an Apple
    Operating System ("Apple OS-Developed Software"), including but not
    limited to Apple and third party printer drivers, filters, and
    backends for an Apple Operating System, that is linked to the CUPS
    imaging library or based on any sample filters or backends provided
    with CUPS shall not be considered to be a derivative work or
    collective work based on the CUPS program and is exempt from the
    mandatory source code release clauses of the GNU GPL. You may
    therefore distribute linked combinations of the CUPS imaging
    library with Apple OS-Developed Software without releasing the
    source code of the Apple OS-Developed Software. You may also use
    sample filters and backends provided with CUPS to develop Apple
    OS-Developed Software without releasing the source code of the
    Apple OS-Developed Software.

An Apple Operating System means any operating system software developed
and/or marketed by Apple Computer, Inc., including but not limited to
all existing releases and versions of Apple's Darwin, Mac OS X, and Mac
OS X Server products and all follow-on releases and future versions

This exception is only available for Apple OS-Developed Software and
does not apply to software that is distributed for use on other
operating systems.

All CUPS software that falls under this license exception have the
following text at the top of each source file:

    This file is subject to the Apple OS-Developed Software exception.

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