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Re: have you ever worked with Panda Industries?

Dear M. Alcorn,

On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 01:00:36PM -0400, mla0828@aol.com wrote:
> In searching for information on a company in Pakistan called Panda Industries 
> (footbag mfgers), I have found several items referencing your email address 
> and I was wondering if you might give me some assistance. A family member has 
> started a venture and is interested in purchasing quantities of footbags from 
> Panda Industries. Have you ever purchased through that co? Were you required 
> to wire funds first and did you receive product as requested? Was quality as 
> good as in the samples sent?  I would greatly appreciate any advice you can 
> provide about this company as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance.    M. 
> Alcorn

Panda Industries is a disreputable company that solicits clients by
randomly addressing itself to individuals on the Internet.  All of
Debian's dealings with this company have been unpleasant.

I would recommend that you not buy any bags of feet from this company.
It is unthinkable to me that a company which steals the computing
resources of others in order to sell its products would not also attempt
to swindle its customers.

Steve Langasek

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