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Re: [cfi-en] Printing restriction -- should move to non-free ?

Hi, Mikael!

On Monday, 22. April 2002 23:27, Mikael Hedin wrote:
> Sean 'Shaleh' Perry writes:
>  > But this is all premature, let's see if the translator is
>  > willing to follow the original author's copyright.
> [...]
>  >   nirgendwo@usa.net
>  >     SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT
>  > TO:<nirgendwo@usa.net>: host mxpool01.netaddress.usa.net
>  > []: 550 <nirgendwo@usa.net>... User not known
> so I guess the conclusion is that cfi-en will have to move. 
> Bah.
> [...]

Please don't give up so fast!!!

Have you contacted Linus Walleij about it? I know that his email 
account is still alive. And maybe he knows the translator 

Also, you could search the web for Daniel Arnrup, in order to 
find out his new email account. 

Good luck!


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