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[hobby@plan9.bell-labs.com: Re: MetaPost manual]

This is the response I got from John Hobby wrt the two MetaPost manuals.
(He also sent the sources, for an older version of LaTeX; I'll get them
working with a modern LaTeX and forward both the new and old version.)
Are his conditions fine, or do I need to ask for more clarification?
(It seems that he gives conditions as preferences, rather than legal

[Background: we currently ship these manuals in tetex-doc, without

	Dylan Thurston

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Enclosed are the sources for the Metapost manual--the sources for the
other document will be sent separately.

> Do you want to be more precise about the terms in which you release
> them?

I only want it to remain clear that I am the author of
"A User's Manual for MetaPost" and "Drawing Graphs with MetaPost"
and I am allowing them to be freely distributed electronically.
I am not going to prohibit minor changes and corrections, but I don't
want a bunch of competing versions to appear.  I have authorized
certain translations and I gave Alan Hoenig permission to use a few
pages worth of material in his book, but I would still like to be
consulted in such cases.

By the way, although I seldom do so myself, it is fine with me if people
want to typeset the (unofficial) MetaPost logo using all caps and Knuth's
METAFONT logo font.

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