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FDL 1.2 draft comment summary


At <http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/fdl.html>, the following text can be

"On 7 February 2002, the FSF released a draft of the GNU Free
Documentation License, Version 1.2 for comment. The comment period lasts
for three weeks, until 1 March 2002. If you have comments on this draft,
please direct them to <fdl-comments@fsf.org> by 1 March 2002.

"The FSF always seeks input from the community at large before adopting
a new version of our Free licenses. We consider all feedback carefully;
however we may not be able to respond to each comment individually. At
the end of the comment period, we will post a summary of the most common

The comment period concluded a month ago, and still there is no sign of
any public posting of comments received by the FSF, or any summary
thereof.  I think this lag stretches the meaning of "at the end of the
comment period".

Several Debian Developers participated in your comment process and we
are extremely interested in what perspectives may have been raised by
other parties.

Speaking for myself, I would be perfectly content with a posting of the
raw comments.  I understand that summarizing can be difficult,
especially if the volume of feedback was high and the points of view
disparate.  I do not feel that the FSF would be shirking its
responsibilities if it were to post the original text of the comments it
received, rather than attempting to summarize, especially at this late

Thank you for your attention, and for your encouragement of community
participation when making strategic decisions about future versions of
the licenses you endorse.

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Debian GNU/Linux                   |      human selfishness.
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