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Re: FSF seeks comments on draft 1.2 of the FDL

Hi, I just have a few comments right now, I'm sure the others will
follow with more enlightening and constructive stuff than this.


"The Document may contain no Invariant Sections." at line 62 - 

"The Document doesn't have to include any Invariant Sections" might be
clearer, or something else. What I mean that as written, it might at
first glimpse read like "The Document must not contain any Invariant
Sections" which isn't the intended meaning. (Just nitpicking.) You
might want to consider some other wording.

You probably want to make sure that the wording (whatever you choose)
does not imply that people can strip off or change invariant sections,
only that the original author may choose to not designate certain
sections as invariant. Not that many people will misread it like


Another thing... Many people have expressed the wish to quote short
parts of document licensed under the FDL into another, without having
to copy all of the Invariant Sections. You might want to explicitly
allow it to some extent. (Maybe allow it if the qouted text is shorter
than the invariant sections, or if the quoted text is shorter than one
page [give a word count, pages can have weird sizes].)

Hopeful to help,

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