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Re: license requirements for a book to be in free section

On Sun, Jan 27, 2002 at 02:33:18AM +0100, Sunnanvind Fenderson wrote:
> Marcus wrote:
> > No.  There have been several cases in the past where we include and the FSF
> > exclude, and none I am aware of where it is the other way round (although
> > the GFDL might become such a case).  
> The vim license was listed as a free license on gnu.org while
> debian-legal debated it.

Right, RMS changed his opinion on this license shortly before the debate
happened here.  Which is interesting, because I tend to disagree that it is
free, but oh well ;)

> The old BSD
> (obnoxiuous ad clause) is and was listed as free (but
> GPL-incompatible), while it's been considered DFSG-nonfree.

It is?  I am surprised, because I think I remember that we used to
distribute BSD licensed software in Debian before the ad clause was removed?
Or do you mean that only afterwards it was considered nonfree?

Note: I am happy with software that has such obnoxious ad clauses being
considered DFSG-nonfree, I just try to remember how it used to be.

> I think the reason that the DFSG differs from the FSF (four freedoms)
> is that the DFSG tries to be more detailed (and fails - there are
> places where it is too vague) about what goes and doesn't go.

Well, it is a fact that it tries to be more detailed and fails.  However, I
think the reason was the Debian left GNU and then probably felt the need to
establish their own independent rules.  Which is a pity because the
differences are so small, and a lot of effort is put into discussing such
issues, which could simply be saved by following the FSF's view on it, plus
maybe documenting exceptions where they are truly wanted.  Then we only
would need to argue about the differences.  This would have the additional
effect of making the differences transparent.

> Sunnanvind (headache and hungry and mad at school. Hope it doesn't
> shine through.)

Didn't notice until now.  Food, sleep and hacking should help :)


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