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Re: Unicode Code Charts - Terms of use

> What do you mean by "using them as a starting point to build a new font?" If
> you mean that you will look at the glyphs to have shape ideas, I think that
> is find. If you mean extract the shapes from the PDF to put them in your
> font with little modifications, I highly doubt it. The Unicode charts are
> made with fonts produced by vendors who sell them.

I meant to extract the shapes and put them in my own font.  The only modifications would be those needed to wrap the shapes in the new format (say a ttf file).  And you are right, font vendors would not be at all happy with that.  Anyhow, I was concerned about the way they wrote the "terms of use".  Commercial logic seems to indicate that I cannot do it but maybe the license allows me to.  That is why I wanted to ask here.

I think there should be a (at least low quality) free unicode font made available by the Unicode Consortium.

Well, if that approach does not work I guess I am going to try to merge existing free fonts.  I am having a hard time finding true type free fonts with a good Unicode coverage and acceptable quality.


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